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2014-03-27 Thu 03:28
"You can get the same from repertoire, but you can get vitamin C from an orange or a pill. Czerny is the pill."

Somebody said that.

In that sense, I've been mostly taking the pill past several days. Kuhlau has been coming along nicely. I'm almost there or i would like to think I am. Other than that, not much to report, no lesson this week. Its pretty boring so instead just doing my routine fundemental piano practices. My work has been insanely hectic as always but  seemingly especially busy past a couple of days perhaps due to the spring break. 

On a different note, I baked my famous chocolate cupcakes today which were devoured by children( I even hid one just for my husband but they sniffed out that too and ate it. I swear, sometimes my kids are like animals!)
Speaking of which, we had the biggest sleepover with 7 girls at our house last weekend...and omg 75% of 6 pizzas were gone in 1 hour. That..was..rather scary. The party lasted all night long. You can just imagine how laud it was. They were playing some horror game on PS4 but eventually they asked my husband to play it for them. they were like " cuz it's too scaryyy" or "cuz we suuuck" they were screaming every time the character got chased by whatever it was " OMG Run! Hide! "

Anyway, one of the girls was Chinese heritage and adopted by Americans. Very sweet girl. Of course ( keeping up with the stereotype lol ) she is the only one plays piano in the whole group. I've heard that she played a little tune on my piano before I come home from work. Man, I missed it! 

Oh yeah since nothing else to talk about I'll let you in on what i did Just now, I watched " Book Thief" with Mel. Although, it was a nice mommy and daugther time, we were shocked to see our favorite part of the book was not even in the movie. I mean, we were so ready to cry for this...having such a high expectation, yet they skipped the best part! What a heck! (Despite that, it portrayed its atmosphere and decently done though)
Btw you may be wondering why it's in English ( if you are reading this far that is) you see,  we have 3 laptops and they decide to crap out on me all at once. So now I have no other choice but using my cell for everything and I can't type Jp on this small thing. It takes way too long. I'm sure I have some typos or/and grammatical errors but I'm too lazy to check what I've written so far.

Hopefully my husband will fix at least one of them soon or I may not be writing for a while.
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